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Courses offered in Academic Programs a. MSc of Science. Law 5-year.

Bocconi University

Semester: I sem. II sem. III sem. This gives students the opportunity to read and to confront with teachers. Before selecting electives students are advised to check degree regulations, Program structures and the tables indicating incompatible and prohibited courses which are published on the website.

Course profiles are subject to change : students are advised to check them before choosing elective courses. For Bachelor Programs : Courses must not have more than students.

For further information on electives starting up procedures see "Choice of elective courses" paragraph that is pubblished on the Guide to the University which will be available by the end of July.

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For Masters of Science : Courses must not have more than students. For further information on electives starting up procedures see "Choice of elective courses" paragraph that is published on the Guide to the University which will be available by the end of July.

Integrated Master of Arts in Law : Courses must not have more than students. Sign-up procedures will be released on the website in the Guide to the University which will be availablest by the end of July. In this section Courses offered in Academic Programs a.

Se continui a navigare sul sito, accetti espressamente il loro utilizzo.At Bocconi University, you can take university courses taught in English that focus on business, economics, or politics in a global context. The university has excellent course offerings in accounting, decision sciences, finance, law, marketing, management, policy analysis, and public management. It is also a great option for anyone double majoring in political science and economics or focusing on political economy within a political science major.

This program begins with a two-week intensive language program ILP from beginning to advanced levels to help you get familiar with the Italian language and academic culture at your knowledge level. Throughout the term, you may be able to continue Italian language study by enrolling in a continuation of the Italian Follow-Up Course.

This course is not considered an academic course and does not offer UC credit. Most courses on this program are at the upper-division level.

Before you enroll in courses, review the prerequisites for all courses to ensure that you have the appropriate background see Catalogs and Resources in this section. A limited number of political science courses are offered in the Department of Policy Analysis and Public Management.

You have the option to carry out a research project or independent study under the supervision of a Bocconi professor. If you are interested in engaging in a special project, the content, length, and structure will be agreed upon with your faculty supervisor after arrival. The academic advisors at Bocconi can help you identify a suitable professor for your proposed research project. The research will be graded and given credit, based on the recommendation of the professor, as one course.

The University of Commerce Luigi Bocconi is a rigorous university. You can expect the workload to be comparable to work at UC, with a significant amount of time required for studying. At the start of the term, professors may hand out detailed syllabi and reading lists.

Many professors also provide readers with important articles and excerpts. In order to ensure you get the appropriate UC credit for the coursework you take abroad, it is critical that you retain all such information, as well as lecture notes and any papers or projects you produce for your courses. You will earn direct UC credit and grades for all coursework. Grades for the fall semester are typically available by late February and grades for the spring semester are typically available by late July.

There is a special exam period at the end of the fall semester created specifically for international students that runs from mid-to-late December and will allow you to return to your home campus in time for the winter quarter or spring semester.

There are two exam periods at the end of the spring semester. You can choose to take your exams in the first period which runs from mid-to-late May, or you can choose to take your exams in the second period which runs from early to late June. Program Details. Academics Fields of Study: Social Sciences At Bocconi University, you can take university courses taught in English that focus on business, economics, or politics in a global context.

Unique study opportunities Live and learn in downtown Milan, the heart of commerce, finance, and arts in northern Italy. Access courses in innovative areas such as management of arts, culture, and communication and international institutions management. Carry out a research project or independent study with a Bocconi professor.

Fall and Spring Semester Throughout the term, you may be able to continue Italian language study by enrolling in a continuation of the Italian Follow-Up Course. Research You have the option to carry out a research project or independent study under the supervision of a Bocconi professor.Our ambition is to develop students' potential and foster knowledge in Business, Economics and Law through innovative learning and research activities in a multicultural environment.

Bocconi is a community that constantly innovates teaching and learning technologies and that strongly believes in the power of life-long learning and networking. Now available online.

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Loupe Copy. Corporate Sustainability. Understanding and Seizing the Strategic Opportunity. International Leadership and Organizational Behavior. A Scientific Approach to Innovation Management.

Challenges of Agribusiness Management.

FTxBocconi Talent Challenge

Arts and Heritage Management. Financing and Investing in Infrastructure. Private Equity and Venture Capital. Management of International Development: Towards Agenda Alexander Maximilian Hiedemann Lecturer.

Alfonso Gambardella Professor of Corporate Management. Andrea Rurale Director. Arnaldo Camuffo Professor of Business Organization. Chiara Spina Assistant Professor. Daniele Alesani Lecturer. Erica Corbellini Director. Franz Wohlgezogen Assistant Professor. Gabriele Troilo Associate Professor. Greta Nasi Director. Luca Brusati Senior Instructor. Stefania Saviolo Director.Bocconi University, in partnership with the Financial Times, launched an exciting initiative aimed at finding new, future focused and innovative ideas.

As a participant, they competed in a team to solve real business and strategic challenges in the areas of fashion, fintech, artificial intelligence and digital and social marketing. They benefited from the distinguished support and mentoring of rising stars, alumni and academics from Bocconi. Applications closed on the 21st of November9pm BST. Gianmario Verona is Rector of Bocconi University.

He is a Professor of Management specialized on the strategic management of technology and innovation, with a focus on the theme of digital transformation. He is author of over 70 academic articles and 5 books and has published in all the leading management journals.

Over the years he has collaborated with many Global companies, innovative multinationals and newly founded startups in terms of applied research, executive education and consulting activity. The popular programme is an effort to formalise the development of digital media and advertising skills among staff, and inspire new ideas, initiatives and collaboration. Slade has directed the development of new advertising products for FT. He joined the FT in as technology client manager working with European technology and telecoms clients.

He left the FT in to join News International, and returned to the FT in as commercial director for digital advertising. Slade has a background in client sales within the advertising technology sector previously working for Fairfax, both in London and Sydney. Virginia created and runs the FT Talent Challenge project. Her role consists in looking across new business ideas and new revenue growth opportunities that reflect on the sustainability of the business model of the News and Media industry, and on its future readership and talent acquisition.

Her job is to keep the Financial Times among the most innovative media companies, being a source of innovation and energy across the media business — uncovering new opportunities for the FT to be successful.

academics and life at bocconi

She founded Logos, a mobile phone blockchain start-up, and had previously founded a digital magazine, Revolart, as well as a cultural heritage foundation, Bolognadasballo. He is the co-chair, with Dr.

How Italy Changed Me: Drinking, Language, High School Friends, Routine, \u0026 More -- miLAno

He chaired a global Commission on Growth and Developmentaddressed to growth issues in emerging economies. Mr Colao started his career at McKinsey. He is member of the Advisory Board of Confindustria and has widespread experience as an independent director in several boards, such as Generali Real Estate, Credito Valtellinese and Santander Consumer Bank.


She is also a member of the Gucci Research Lab, funded by Gucci at Bocconi University for research on innovation in creative organizations.

Her teaching and research focuses on creativity and new product development, the dynamics of innovation and the use of big data in innovation and marketing. Her research focuses on services marketing and the experiential perspective in consumption and marketing. She is also interested in consumer behaviour and management in contexts pertaining to the arts. She has published on these topics in books and in various international journals.

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His academic and professional work focuses on supporting company leaders in developing a team-oriented and collaborative culture. He has spoken at conferences and companies, and conducted workshops, in Europe, Middle East, and North America.

His research activities focus on the relationship between economic reforms, the adoption of new technologies and productivity trends at the firm, industry and aggregate level in Italy, Europe and the US. Global business and commercial development Director focused on new revenue driving opportunities across the B2C, Marketing and Advertising departments. Customer facing, commercial, sales and business development, focused on digital development opportunities and incremental revenue creation.

Berkeley and Stanford. His research is in theoretical computer science, and he has worked on the analysis of algorithms, on computational complexity, and on the foundations of cryptography. Sales and Global Product Development organizations. He joined Goldman Sachs as a managing director in and was named partner inCampus and Services Student Life.

Our campus is a lively place, multicultural and safe, located near the city center.

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The dynamic pace of university life pulses through historic and ultra-new spaces alike. And in we are adding a new sports center and a campus green. The Castiglioni dorm, opened inis part of the New Campus. Your university years aren't only about studying. Bocconi and Milan offer culture, sports, art and ideas to make your experience here an exciting and essential part of your personal and professional growth. Studying at Bocconi is a challenging experience Bocconi helps you get oriented on campus, enhance your abilities, discover new ones, and gain awareness about your lifestyle.

Courses in Wellness and Personal Development. Take advantage of the various opportunities to enrich your university journey and grow as a person. During your years of study, you will become part of the Bocconi community, which offers a wide range of student associations and a student-managed Media Center.

Share your days within the Bocconi community, on campus and on social media. Student associations - around of them - are active every day at Bocconi. Milan is open and international, a European city with great public transport and services.

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Events of all types abound, and the nightlife is world-famous. In evidenza About Milan Social engagement. A city that offers events, shows and exhibitions to suit all interests. A commitment to social development is key to Bocconi's identity and to our relationship with Milan. The Library The Bocconi Library is one of the most well-stocked libraries in Italy in the field of economics. It also has individual and group study rooms that can accommodate anyone studying for classes or exams.

Foreign Languages Our students are required to take two foreign languages, but extracurricular activities such as language and culture courses and a foreign language film festival are also organized by the Language Center each year.

IT at Bocconi Bocconi students study programming languages and coding as part of the curriculum. They also have many other opportunities to improve their digital skills through activities at the IT Education Center. One-Stop Service Center This is the reception area for Bocconi students, where you can access the front office of various campus services, ask questions and deal with paperwork.Cost of services Admissions assistance. Official Website www.

Luigi Bocconi University has an urban campus in Milan. University ranking.

academics and life at bocconi

Luigi Bocconi University has a strong position in the top 30 universities of Italy. The university is famous for its high education quality ranking in the top in the international rating. Application process and the cost of tuition. In addition to the results of the examinations the applicant must submit a certificate of the previous academic performance.

Luigi Bocconi University divides its academic year into semesters.

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A year of bachelor studies will cost you around 12, USD. The university has a variety of scholarship programs that students can take part in. The composition of the university. Luigi Bocconi University is average in terms of student capacity, teaching the maximum of 14 thousand students.

Foreign applicants are not excluded from the admission process. One in 9 students is a foreigner. Foreign specialists are the majority of the academic staff.

The university provides its students with the opportunity to participate in the international exchange programs. The university has a dedicated library. The campus dormitories that can be offered to the students upon request. Since its inception, Bocconi has stood for liberalism, pluralism, and social and economic progress.

While a private institution, Bocconi has traditionally been more than an elite university. It has consistently promoted and practiced equality of opportunity among its many generations of students, by actively subsidizing the education of disadvantaged and deserving students. In the words of its first Rector and President, Leopoldo Sabbatini, Bocconi's mission is to "promote harmony between school and life.

Its research projects are funded by national and supranational institutions. By virtue of being a major node in the European and global network of business and economics universities, Bocconi exchanges faculty and cooperates on large projects with like-minded European and American universities and business schools. Bocconi has close relations with major corporations and international agencies, as well as their managers and officials, and constantly interacts with the business and economic environment to assess new issues, implement new techniques, and start new research endeavors.

SDA Bocconi School of Management, founded intakes care of the post-experience management education. It also offers a number of post-experience programs, and administers hundreds of advanced courses to managers and professionals in all realms of private and public management. In keeping with the ideals of its founders, Bocconi seeks to address the research and education needs of the European and global economy, by favoring cultural progress, international exchange, and economic integration.MCF perfectly combines sophisticated academic knowledge and colorful extracurricular activities, which gave me a wonderful life experience in Italy and Europe.

I fully updated my professional skills and acquired knowledge to help me manage work quickly and easily. Excellent and friendly colleagues from 17 countries also provided me with an international study and living environment. It was a wise choice for me to join MCF. MCF is a challenging and enriching experience that gives you the knowledge and relationships to face the complex situations of life, both personal and professional.

In addition, MCF is a unique experience since it teaches you that the secret to being a successful person is through learning, also from mistakes, and continuing to work hard to improve every day. In my professional career, MCF was the fundamental step that allowed me to enter the field of finance.

The mix of students in terms of nationality, age, cultural and professional background undoubtedly represents the added value of this master. The program will bring you a broad knowledge of the main financial matters and direct access to the best positions in the industry.

Remarkable people, sophisticated knowledge and life changing experiences? Yes, that is MCF. You will have the chance to develop every skill your creative mind can think of. It is a great chance to learn from diverse minds and backgrounds, study sophisticated tools, and last but not least, have a great time in one of the most charming cities in the world. The MCF is one of the biggest steps in my life that I have taken to strive and succeed.

It provides multiple opportunities for personal and knowledge development, along with the acquisition of new technical knowledge. The experience brought classmates from multi-cultural backgrounds and gave us knowledge on how to collaborate through into account different cultural norms.

It is a unique program for people who are not afraid of challenges and ready to expand their limits. The program gave me knowledge and skills to start my career in the field that I had always dreamed about in one of the most prominent and exotic business centers - Hong Kong. Not only did the MCF give me the academic and practical tools necessary to make a jump in the financial services industry, it also represented an unforgettable experience from the human standpoint.

I came across people from all around the world, got to know their culture and built life-lasting relationships. The MCF provides candidates with a world-class education, an exceedingly relevant financial skill-set and exposure to a truly professional network, laying the foundation for a successful career in a highly competitive industry. I personally recommend MCF to anyone seeking quality, diversity and an internationally oriented program.


MCF program has provided me with a wide range of technical capabilities to accelerate my professional career in finance. On top of that, it helped me to increase my personal development. Doing the MCF was a continuous challenge and rewarding one. Throughout this experience I acquired and sharpened not only my financial knowledge but also my soft skills. It is a great platform to transform your professional career.

The MCF provided me with the quantitative skills and broad academic knowledge that allow me the possibility to pick the job that suits me best. Last year, I chose MCF for its broad array of courses, representing a concrete blend between the theory of finance and real professional experience. It helped me in leveraging on my academic track record to boost my career at an international level in a few months.

Any investment in your capabilities, when coupled with hardworking, eventually pays off. I developed a skill set that I am pretty confident it will be a valuable asset for my personal and professional growth. Coming from a non-financial background, the MCF was my ticket to the world of Finance, and in a bulge-bracket firm too.

Having SDA Bocconi as your alma mater shows that you are a determined individual, who received some of the best education in Europe. You will learn the craft directly from people who do this for living.

academics and life at bocconi

The MCF will also open up doors for creating a prominent network. Eventually, the hard work will pay off, and you start doing what you always wanted to. You will have forever fond memories about this experience. The international environment promotes diversity and teamwork.


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Academics and life at bocconi
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